SVARTGHAST – sign with Dusktone. Debut studio album to be released in upcoming months

Sweden cold orchestral black metal act SVARTGHAST has inked a deal with Dusktone.

Featuring ex-SETHERIAL member and inspired by the symphonic, atmospheric and epic sounds of 90’s black metal acts, like Emperor, Dimmu Borgir and Limbonic Art, SVARTGHAST forge their own vision: an homage to the darkness of old.

In 2017, Azazel and Choronzon joined forces to turn their vision of black metal into music. Both members are multi-instrumentalists and well versed in music production. With backgrounds in acts like Setherial, Torchbearer and The Citadel, among others, SVARTGHAST rests on a firm foundation of musical craftsmanship.

Stay tuned for next updates!

Svartghast online :

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