ANTE-INFERNO unveil their majestic video for ‘Oath’, a song from their searing debut of British Black Metal – Fane, at No Clean Singing

As we lead up to the release of Ante-Inferno’s remarkable Fane album, coming on May 1st through UKEM Records, the band present us with a beautiful visual realisation of one of the album’s most outstanding tracks. ‘Oath‘ will take you beyond the doors of the Fane to a world of shadow and wonder, darkness and terror that exists beyond the boundaries of our clouded sight. The breathtaking video breaks down the walls that currently enclose us all, opening our hearts and minds to the glories of nature that await our deeper appreciation when this sickness passes.

Ante-Inferno offered us these thoughts to share with you about ‘Oath’ and the video that accompanies it…

“‘Oath’ is a study of the macabre world that lies beyond the civilised universe that we inhabit. It is a reminder that, no matter how much concrete, glass, plastic and detritus we fill our earth with, there is a darkness that lives on at the very fringes of the realm we know and understand.   The song and video further our investigation into subversive forms of worship, and the fear and corrupting influence of what can neither be seen nor touched – but sensed, always – in the unfettered wildness of the natural world that we seek, and fail, to control.”

The magic of ‘Oath’ is available to experience today, exclusively at No Clean Singing, so travel there now and feed your soul with its secrets…

Don’t forget that Fane will be with us on May 1st through UKEM Records!

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Watch the ‘Oath’ video at No Clean Singing here

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ANTE-INFERNO unleash a storm of darkness, with the chilling Fane!


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