SETH BORSELLINI Release A New Video For The Single “Chrysalis”

Seth Borsellini – pseudonym of Simone Borsellini, Italian singer and musician – has revealed a new video for “Chrysalis”, first track taken from the new album set to release in Winter 2020. The single was recorded by Simone Carbone at Soundshape Studio in Genova, mastered by Nicholas Di Lorenzo at Panorama Mastering in Melbourne and produced by Seth Borsellini and Simone Carbone.

About the new single the artist explains: “In life there are sudden changes that kill you inside and take away part of you forever. It’s necessary to find oneself, to close oneself in a cocoon and to be reborn as free as butterflies. The change is long, slow and complicated… the cocoon is a safe, comfortable nest, it isolates you from the outside world, not letting even a glimpse of raw reality enter. Rejecting the natural advent of metamorphosis is an inexorable descent into the darkness of madness and eternal perdition, a conscious suicide, but also the fastest way to extinguish the incessant pain. ‘Wings of cripple memories will grow and I will wander in the nest Drops of Styx gush out from the eyes extinguished is the night'”.

About Seth Borsellini:
Seth Borsellini, pseudonym of Simone Borsellini, Italian singer and musician. The stage name refers to Seth Egyptian deity belonging to the religion of ancient Egypt, God of chaos, disorder, desert, storm and violence. He forms the band Sfregio as singer and guitarist. With Sfregio he released three album and over 100 shows all around Italy. In 2017 he wrote and created a theatrical show inspired by Jack London’s “The Wanderer of the Stars” with the music taken from the latest Fumonero album “Inside”. In 2018 he worked in “Progetto Viaggio senza vento” with Omar Pedrini of Timoria (one of the most popular Italian rock bands) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album “Viaggio senza vento” by performing live at the Teatro Govi in Genoa with a re-arranged version of the well-known song “Sangue Impazzito”. In 2020 he performed together with Stef Burns, guitarist of Vasco Rossi and Alice Cooper for a show at the Mia Club house in Genoa.


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