French post-death metallers DSM streamed new full-length album ‘Elevations’

As announced a few days ago with the song “Fanal” : 4 years after their debut and selt-titled album, French post-death metallersDSM just officially released their sophomore full-length effort called ‘Elevations’ on CD & Digital editions through Bandcamp and the main legal platforms (Apple MusicDeezerSpotify…).

In addition to the release-update, the band also shared the whole effort on Bandcamp and YouTube

Free and determined, DSM has been following a singular road since 2011 which led it from a first album dedicated to pop culture to a second focused on the sciences of the universe. 

Four musicians reunited as an single entity which ecxceeds their individuality, like the atoms of a single molecule in laboratory of research. 

Conceived as the radical opposite of their debut album ‘Elevations’ suggests to consider the sciences of the universe and matter as a poetic subject. 

Self-produced and engineered like the previous one by Nicolas Gardel, ‘Elevations’ marks a major step in the DSM‘s musical journey. 

Deeper but direct, more detailed but easier to listen, ‘Elevations’ is the result and the consequences of a new beginning for the band, the musical translation of new desires, new creative processes and new knowledge.   

For fans of Deluge, Behemoth, Gojira, The Great Old Ones…

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