ARA – Old-School Death Metal/Tech-Death Act Launch “Abhortion” At Invisible Oranges

Wisconsin-based old-school death metal meets technical death metal outfit Ara are back after an extended lapse in newly recorded music with their sophomore album, Jurisprudence, set for release on May 15th. It is the follow up to the group’s well-received efforts, 2012’s The Blessed Sleep EP, and their 2014 debut album, Devourer of Worlds.

The group generated massive buzz purely off the strength of their innovative music then, and are finally ready to return in 2020 with a worthy follow up in the form of Jurisprudence. For those new to the group, 3/4th’s of Ara play in the sludge metal/post-rock band Northless who are signed to Gilead Media. 

 The cover art for Ara – Jurisprudence was handled by renowned artist Eliran Kantor, known for his exemplary work for groups such as Testament, Iced Earth, Sodom, Sigh, Hate Eternal, Archspire, and many more. As a group who has taken their time to achieve something unique with each offering, Jurisprudence is surely the most developed work from Ara to date. Simultaneously mind-bogglingly complex, savagely brutal, and driven by atypical technical melodic death metal ideas inspired by Anata, Jurisprudence is neither typical fare nor easy to peg as simply one form of death metal at any given point of the release. 

Ara – Jurisprudence will strongly appeal to fans of groups who the band cite as sources of inspiration which include Anata, Cryptopsy, Suffocation, and Deeds of Flesh.

The band partnered with Invisible Oranges to premiere “Abhortion”. The second single to be released from Jurisprudence so far. 

You can listen to Ara – “Abhortion” HERE

Invisible Oranges comments on the premiere of Ara – “Abhortion”
“Technical death metal, or “tech-death” as a certain editor insists on calling it here, is an interesting beast. All the inherent musicianship of death metal dialed up to 11, but with a sacrifice: most of the time, bands who occupy this genre space seem to lack any emotion whatsoever. Save for a select few, technical death metal is a blank canvas, and few, if any, seem to want to delve into emotion’s depths.

Wisconsin’s Ara, on the other hand, make a stark reminder that technical death metal comes from, well, death metal. Though this four-piece, boasting members of Northless and Syrictus, has a penchant for musical flourishing and extremely technical riffing, emotion doesn’t take a back seat, and it makes for an interesting listen, if just because their peers seem to lack any emotion at all. In as such, Ara is pissed — angry in a way which is near cartoonish. This is angry in the way Tipper Gore says any metal is.”

Ara – Jurisprudence Pre-order Link

Ara – Jurisprudence Line-Up
Adam Bujny- Vocals
Jerry Hauppa (Northless) – Rhythm/Lead Guitar
James Becker (Northless) –  Bass
Erik Stenglein (Northless, Syrictus) – Drums and Lead Guitar 

Ara Social Media Links

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