DAWN OF OUROBOROS stream entirety of new album

“This is an early contender for album of the year for sure”-Metal-Temple

“If you are a fan of the unreal, of new territory yet unknown, metal wastes yet unexplored, then The Art of Morphology is for you.”-Rock Music Raider

“It’s honestly hard to describe the emotional mixture that is held in these 43 minutes of music. You can’t say it’s particularly dark and you can’t say it’s positive, but it certainly has a positive effect. I guess it just feels like life.”-The Metal Observer

“‘The Art Of Morphology’ is an album that genuinely has its own identity; it blends extreme metal, with progressive complexity and strong melodic sensibilities, with a sense of smooth effortlessness. For a band so young, it’s an impressive feat. But even more exciting, is the thought of what they might come up with next. Adding this album to your collection is a no-brainer.”-Man of Much Metal

Californian blackened progressive metal band DAWN OF OUROBOROS are now streaming the entirety of their critically acclaimed new album The Art of Morphology. The album is out now on physical formats and Bandcamp and will be released on all other streaming platforms on April 6th.

Listen to the album in full:

Order the album here:

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