HOVERT – Flame – Premiere on April 2nd, 2020

Hovert is a one man depressive black metal project from Chelyabinsk/Russia. Founded by Alever in 2010, the band released one demo, two albums, two splits (w. Cheerful, Depression, Smoking Culture, Psychonaut 4, Misere Noblis) and two EPs.

Hovert Line-Up:
Jeanaharte – Bass
Alever – Vocals, Guitars
Michael – Drums

“Flame” taken from Hovert’s EP “Towards Non-Being”.

The russian depressive black metal band Hovert who released their second album “SOL” on CD in autumn 2019, proof their talent for depressive and melancholic art with their latest EP.

The EP is a strict self-release limited to 13 copies by Hovert. A double EP on vinyl is planned for the end of 2020.

01. Flame
02. Nihilism
03. Red Tread
04. Hallucination

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HFVlbxE9ys

AT: https://store.talheim-records.at/de/search?sSearch=Hovert
Streaming: https://www.feiyr.com/x/Hovert-Towards-Non-being

Jeanaharte – Bass
Alever – Vocals, Guitars
Michael – Drums

Connect with Hovert:
Website: –
Bandcamp: https://hovert.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: –
Instagram: –
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWSGNlCP9RXAY8szjRMWq7Q

Connect withTalheim Records:
Website: https://talheim-records.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/TalheimRecords
Instagram: https://instagram.com/talheimrecords
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Lyrics ENG:
Cornered and miserable
All long realized
Weak and empty inside
Crippled and injured

I drag my tired feet
Thoughts were entwined in a noose.
I’m losing myself through this path.
Without gaining anything, without creating.

Take a look back – there is nothing left
There is only infirmity and ageing ahead

The candle flame behind me goes out
I’m so far away but afraid to turn around
The future is waiting with black open mouth
The flame goes out, we can not return it

Lyrics RUS:
Загнанный, жалкий
Всё давно осознавший
Слабый, пустой
Искалеченный и пострадавший

Я волочу уставшие ноги
Мысли сплелись удавкой
Теряю себя на этой дороге
Ничего не приобретя и не создав

Оглянись и увидишь – ничего не осталось
Впереди только немощь и старость

Пламя свечи позади меня гаснет
Я так далеко, но боюсь обернуться
Будущее ждет черной раскрытой пастью
Гаснет огонь мы не сможем вернуть его

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