The descent into degradation is complete! Slam death monsters COLPOCLEISIS release the final part of their trilogy of singles

Everything began on February 2nd with ‘Third Degree Gurns‘ before slipping further into an inescapable mire of filth with  ‘Masturbational Burnout‘ on March 2nd. Now the final day has arrived and it’s time for Colpocleisis to serve up the ‘climax’ of this trip into the darkness with ‘Slovakian Traffic Cone‘. If you’re wondering what the meaning of that term might be we would suggest a trip to Urban – but definitey, definitely not while at work. Alternatively just head to Slam Worldwide, where the single premieres and immerse yourself in some of the heaviest slam death metal on the planet.

To celebrate the conclusion of this voyage to the very depths of human decay, head over to and use the code ‘slovak’ for a 10% discount all week.

Visit Colpocleisis on Facebook
Experience the Solvakian Traffic Cone at Slam Worldwide
Buy into the sickness at the Colpocleisis Bandcamp page

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Slam death beasts COLPOCLEISIS reveal their triptych of dehumanization!


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