METEORA premiere new video “Stay Among Us”, read the band’s personal thoughts behind its inception

Symphonic metal band METEORA has released a new song and lyric video off their latest album “Tragedy Of Delusion” released in March. “Stay Among Us” is the third song they’ve released as a video from this record, and it was made by István Lajcsák who has created the artwork of all their albums, the videos of “My Reality” and “After the Civil War”, and was also the designer of the “champion poster” that can be seen in the music video of “Memento Mori”. 

The band is often referred to as “The lovechild of Nightwish and Fleshgod Apocalypse” – they’re known for balancing the melodies and operatic elements of Therion, Nightwish, Epica and After Forever with the more extreme influences of Fleshgod ApocalypseSepticflesh and Gojira, offering a perfect mixture for the lovers of both sides of metal music.

Meteora: Stay Among Us (Official lyric video)

Máté Fülöp (screamed vocals, bass) has shared details of how his personal life and thought sparked the idea behind this song:

“Ever since its conception – from the first rehearsals to recording it in studio and listening to the final mastered version countless times – we’ve felt this song has a very personal and special meaning to us. We’ve been absolutely sure we’d love to release a video for this one!

This song was born when my whole family, including Atilla (Atilla Király, keyboards/vocals) who is my cousin was going through very difficult times. On that spring one of my grandfathers was hospitalized with a serious stroke, not much time after my other granddad passed away. Not many people know it, but that same spring I was hospitalized too after being hit by a car. I’ve spent the summer in bed, and spent the autumn learning how to walk again, just like my grandfather, who survived the stroke, but was paralyzed for a while. 

Knowing all this makes it much more understandable why this song is about passing. It consist of two parts. The first, slower segment describes the kind of passing away that we gently, slowly accept when it happens to our grandparents and elder relatives. The other half of the song is about the kind of caducity that we fight against, because it happens to us – emotions, memories, and ultimately, our own lives. Many people experience that they cannot perpetuate and store their memories the way they want them to. Although the digital world offers us countless ways, even some of the most important moments of our lives are easily erased from our brains, like it was leached from time to time.

It was in the hospital I’ve felt for the first time that I’ve been rushing through everything in my life too quickly, maybe because I have too many activities in the same time: my job,  theatricals, Meteora, and so on. There is an exciting challenge for every single week that maybe happens to other people twice a year. Spending time in studio with the band, performing a few plays in the theatre, sending an application for a building permit at work, then a show with Meteora on the next day. I felt – and keep feeling it to this very day – that I can’t fully live and keep these important events within me, because the next day comes another one which pales the one before. 

So this song is also an advice. If we can, try to slow down a little bit. Let’s think through our days, lest we miss anything that might be important. Maybe these tough times – the pandemic – are also about making us realize this. If you can, stay at home. Listen to some (or a lot!) of metal. The video of “Stay Among Us” hides many little mysteries as well: what’s the meaning of the three-way crossroads in the savannah, the lonely tree, the pianist, the child with a dog, the white piece of hair of that girl? There could be so much to be said about these, but they all reflect to something very personal by each member. So for now, we’d like the ones who watch this video to find out the meaning behind these secrets.”

“Tragedy of Delusion” online:

Order “Tragedy of Delusion” here:

Previous videos from “Tragedy Of Delusion”:

Meteora: Memento Mori (Official Music Video)

Meteora: My Reality (Official lyric video)

Meteora: Tragedy Of Delusion
2020 / Nail Records / NAILCD312
01. Common Enemy
02. Memento Mori
03. My Reality
04. Stay Among Us
05. Die, Live, Forgive – My Reality, Pt. II
06. Tag the Truth
07. Black Rose
08. When Angels Fall
09. Tragedy of Delusion
10. Beautiful Oblivion – My Reality, Pt. III
11. Numb (Linkin Park cover) (Bonus Track)

Meteora members:
Noémi Holló – lead vocals
Máté Fülöp – bass, harsh vocals & screams
Csaba Solymosi – guitars
Atilla Király – keyboards & clean vocals
Gábor Kása – drums

Meteora online:

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