Released for Elevate Records TEMNO‘s second video – SCREAM OF PAIN -, taken from the EP IN THE DARK, released on all digital platforms on 20 March 2020

Temno are a Technical Metal band with strong Hardcore and Djent influences.

You can listen or download their first two-piece EP only on the digital platform at the following link:

In the single IN THE DARK and in SCREAMING FOR PAIN TEMNO pour all the unease and anger present in today’s society.

Seven and a half minutes that strike, attack, force reflection. Blind violence of those who struggle and fight with music every day.

The strong influences HARDCORE, DJENT and FUSION create a hybrid and unique sound with a new and powerful sound mix.

Their technical metal was born from the crossing of different musical genres and from the need to make their communication strong and direct.

The bass and drums rhythms merge with the complex metrics of the FUSION, with the fill and the HARDCORE METAL sounds

The sound, strongly characterized by the baritone guitar, instead fully marries the sharp voices in GROWL and SCREAMING and the MELODIC chorus.

The project was born a few years ago, in 2017 from an idea of ​​the guitarist and composer Fabio Vitale, but only in 2019 the current training is completed.

The singer Alessandro Tomiato immediately participates in the Temno project by writing the vocal lines and the lyrics of the songs that speak about important social themes such as the fight against all forms of violence, power and deprivation of liberty.

Subsequently the band is completed with the inclusion of Luca Fareri, a talented drummer who will bring a strong footprint Fusion and Simone Mattia an eclectic bass player of Prog and experimental music.

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