WINTARNAHT – Hriuwa – Studio recordings for the fourth album finished!

After months of madness and passion, the recordings for the new Wintarnaht album “Hriuwa” are finished.

The last instrument, the bass guitar was recorded in the venerable Halls Arnsuothal and the premixing was completed too. Mario Dahmen (Liquid Aether Audio) was assigned for further editing and mastering.

The new Wintarnaht album will feature 9 songs and over an hour of playing time. It is going to be released via Talheim Records in the diying year 2020 (autumn). More details later.



Wintarnaht is Old High German and means “Winternight”.Wintarnaht are playing Archaic Black Metal.As the only band in the metal genre, all lyrics are written in Old High German which makes Wintarnaht unique in this area. Founded near Stuttgart (Thuringia after 2008) under the name Winternight in 1997, the band was renamed in 2012. The music is oriented on the 90s Pagan Black Metal with folk influence.The lyrics are about non-theistic history, nature topics with a strong misanthropic impact. The band is an underground band, never following any trends or other opinions. In Winter 2017, Grimwald chose to split from his other band members because of different musical and ideological views. Founder Grimwald is running the band by himself since that time.

Grimwald – All instruments and vocals

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