HALLIG – Straight To The Ninth (Official Lyric Video) – Premiere on April 8, 2020 on 18:45 CEST

Straight To The Ninth” taken from the album “A Distant Reflection Of The Void”.

The german black metal band Hallig released their highly acclaimed opus “A Distant Reflection Of The Void” back in 2018.

AT: https://store.talheim-records.at/en/search?sSearch=Hallig
DE: https://store.talheim-records.de/en/search?sSearch=Hallig
Streaming: https://songwhip.com/album/hallig/a-distant-reflection-of-the-void

L. – Vocals
K. – Vocals (replaced I.)
A. – Guitar
F. – Guitar
M. – Bass
MS – Drums (replaced J.P.)

Six years at sea
Foul winds blew and the waves ran high
It´s only in dreams
I can see the marina in azure waters lie

I stand at the helm of a derelict ship
With her main mast sprung and its sails all ripped
Pouring rain in staring eyes, lay the crew in a rotting red
Blessed by fire in a murk sunrise, take I command of the ship of the dead

All wear the murder mark
Some are strangled others stabbed
Not an ounce of life all good men have gone whist
I gather an ashen horde
Gifting death to whom I find
With their last breath I sail straight to the ninth

I hoist the sail enlarged with tattered skin
The claw strengthened hull is heaving in the wind

Straight to the ninth

I sail the nailship to the shores of gjöll
Dormant it will lie until the stars will fall
Mountains decline and the snake bursts ashore
To the plains of wigrid
Muspells sons will call
Follow the wolf, wild men of hel
Follow the wolf
Dethrone the gods at the end of all days
End of all days

#Hallig #BlackMetal #TalheimRecords

Connect with Hallig:
Website: https://hallig.bigcartel.com/
Bandcamp: https://hallig.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/hallighorde/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hallig_official/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqmc5eVWxSUpyDTdcQqKwyw

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