CEMETERY FILTH Offer Pre-Release Album Stream of ‘Dominion’

Dead Rhetoric have premiered Dominion, the forthcoming album from Georgia Death Metallers CEMETERY FILTH. Stream the beast in its entirety below!
Dominion (Full Album Stream)
Unspeakable Axe Records will release Dominion April 13 on CD, cassette, and digital platforms, as well as on vinyl LP in cooperation with Boris Records.
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UAR Bandcamp: 
Boris Records Bandcamp: 
“What is probably going to be one of the stand-out death metal albums of 2020.”
– No Clean Singing
“A ripping piece of old school death metal to get your blood flowing.”
– Dead Rhetoric
Cemetery Filth is not content to exist solely in one category of death metal. Rising from their humid grave, they’ve plundered other tombs far and wide, searching only for one thing: the most disgusting, stank-face-inducing cacophonies to fold into their vile brew.”
– Invisible Oranges
Dominion should be high up there on any classic death metal fan’s want list. Very highly recommended!
– Wonderbox Metal
The exacting focus of their death metal sound on ‘Dominion’ intentionally compartmentalizes Cemetery Filth, meeting the high standards of peak early-to-mid 90’s death metal evolutionary traits while showcasing their own unique modification of that alchemical formulae. Highly recommended.” (4.5/5)
– Grizzly Butts
This is exactly music for fans of bands like DEICIDE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, PESTILENCE, MORBID ANGEL, SINISTER, REPULSION, AUTOPSY and others who know what real death is all about.”
– Deadly Storm
When a band recognizes and respects a culture’s roots and shows it true devotion they get noticed above all the others, especially the ones that take such things for granted. And if we are lucky enough to be graced with talent that digs deep and does their death metal homework then the future shall be fraught with killer acts such as Cemetery Filth!” (9/10)
– ViaOmega Magazine
“Cemetery Filth is looking to unleash a hurricane of uncompromising brutality upon the metal world. Dominion brings together all the essential elements required to make a fearsome extreme metal release.”
– Rock and Metal Temple
“Pure morbid old school material which nails all of the points one would hope for on a Death Metal record. A storm of stomping, pulsating, groovy monstrosities that will have every Death Metal fan won over by its aggressive, whiplash hooks and headbanger friendly onslaughts.” (8.5/10)
– Nattskog
I would expand Georgia’s state motto ‘Wisdom, Justice, Moderation’ by ‘finest Death Metal.‘” (9/10)
– Hellfire Magazin
If you’re in the mood for some killer death metal performed in the old-school way, then Dominion will definitely scratch your itch.” (8/10)
– Metal Temple
This is a filthy death metal release that is dripping with disgusting riffs. A must-purchase if you can’t get enough of this sound!
– Skull Fracturing Metal
Cemetery Filth aren’t messing around here and Dominion is certainly a statement of intent. The intent being nothing but explosive fury and the result being a lot of damaged and scarred bodies.
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life
I honestly have listened to Dominion probably about 20 times now over the past several days attempting to find anything I didn’t like or enjoy… This is raw death metal, brimming with blood, sweat and desperate emotive lyrical passages.” (8/10)
– Wicked Metal Review
OSDM throwback has been a very popular trend over the last 5 years, and this is possibly the best example of it I’ve ever heard. This is some nasty shit right here.
– Zax Record Reviews
I love this old school death metal.
– Sigi’s Metal Corner
Despite waiting until 2020 to unleash their debut album. CEMETERY FILTH are no newcomers to death metal. The band released the Screams from the Catacombs EP in 2014, contributed to the first 4 Doors to Death compilation in 2016, and followed that a year later with a split EP with SEWERCIDE.
Momentum for the band slowed after that. Until now. CEMETERY FILTH has made good on six years of grinding it out in the trenches with the arrival of Dominion. This album is nothing less than a gauntlet thrown down at the feet of every flavor-of-the-week death metal outfit. Dominion is the band’s personal statement of what death metal should sound like when done the right way.
Incorporating a slew of Euro and American influences, but leaning especially hard into the early Floridian mode of the genre, CEMETERY FILTH has arrived at their own unique hybrid–a sound that should be comfortingly familiar to longtime fans of the genre, yet not a mere slavish imitation or passionless rehash. This is vital music with blood on its breath, the way death metal is supposed to be.
RIYL: Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Deicide

Matt Kilpatrick – Lead Vocals and Guitars
Ryan Guinn – Lead Guitars
Devin Kelley – Bass and Backing Vocals
Chris McDonald – Drums


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