PAN – First single / lyric video by the new album “II”

The music style of PAN is complex and atmospheric. The band has their own unique style which you can’t find easily elsewhere to relate them to. It belongs in a special style of rock where stoner and metal influences dwell as much as greek folk music. The lyrics – poems are all written in the greek language and are related to the greek mythology and especially to the ancient greek god Pan.

II” produced, mixed and mastered by the band’s bass player, Doros Flamouridis in his home studio. Music and lyrics were written by Doros and vocalist Nick Dimitriadis. The artwork design and the full layout of the album are creations of Lefteris Kokolios (3MK Crew)

In the following link you can watch the new lyric video from the single “Αόρ” (“Aor”)

Tracklist “II:

01. Αόρ (Του Σύμπαντος) – Aor (of Universe)

02. Δαίμων – Demon

03. Χορός του Πάνα – Pan’s Dance

04. Παντοκράτωρ – Pantokrator

05. Πνοή του Δράκου – Dragon’s Breath

06. Τα Πάντα Ρεί – Everything’s Flowing

07. Υπερίων – Hyperion

08. Χώμα και Νερό – Soil and Water

PAN are:

Nick Dimitriadis – vocals

Doros Flamouridis – bass, backing vocals

Bill Karanikolas – guitars

Alex Magkos – guitars

George Maraslidis – drums

You can contact Pan and listen to tracks from “II” at the following links :








PAN (ΠΑΝ) is a greek progressive rock-metal band that was formed around 2010 in Ptolemaida, Greece. The name of the band comes from the ancient greek god Pan, who according to the ancient greek religion and mythology was the god that combined both human and animal elements, as he had legs and horns of a goat.

The band plays progressive rock-metal music with stoner and doom influences but it also has many ethnic references. The founding members of PAN are Doros Flamouridis and Bill Karanikolas, which previously were members of the Greek rock band “Roda tis Erimou” and they had released two full albums. The fist line-up for PAN was : Doros Flamouridis (bass), Bill Karanikolas (guitars), Giotis Politidis (drums), Nikos Dimitriadis (vocals).

In 2013, after 3 years of creative proccess, the band released the self titled debut album “Pan”. It had 9 tracks and it was released in free digital form. In 6th of April 2013, PAN played their first big live as a supporting act for Nightstalker in Ptolemaida.

After the recording of the album, two new members joined the band. Alex Magkos in guitars and George Maraslidis who replaced Politidis on drums. In 2015, the band with the new line-up re-released their first album, adding two new tracks. The first thing you realize when you hear the album is that PAN’s music is complicated and atmospheric.

The band has developed a unique personal style that is hard to find similar in modern greek metal scene. There are mixed rock, stoner and progressive metal elements and also traditional greek patterns. The lyrics are mostly greek poems based on the ancient Greek mythology and especially god PAN.

At 6th and 8th of April in 2013, they played live in to big shows to support Nightstalker and Rotting Christ in Ptolemaida, Greece.

At 21st of January 2016, Pan played again as a support act for Nightstalker in Blues Rock Bar Old School in Kozani, Greece.

After 4 years of working their own material and evolving their style, the band released their second full lenght album, entitled “II”, on 25th of March 2020 via Ikaros Records.

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