NORTHORN – Inner Temple (Official Lyric Video) – Single premiere of the forthcoming album “The Art Of Destruction”

Inner Temple” – Single of the forthcoming album “The Art Of Destruction” by the indonesian doom/depressive black metal band Northorn.

The art of destruction is an introduction of the writings, paintings and other visual artworks that depicted in the frontman’s book back in 2016, the lyrics itself are the resume of this book entitled “The Art Of Destruction“.

The album was recorded in Manado and Australia (for the bass session done by Jai), mixing and mastering are done by Heven Karisoh at Gorango Productions (Manado, Indonesia)

The album is going to be released on CD on May 28, 2020.

Single premieres on April 15, 2020 at 18:45/6:45pm CEST.



Started as one man black/doom metal project then represent their musical based on depressive atmosphere and sound in 2011.
The lyrics became more suicidal then in the first recordings with serious anti-human presentation showing on the photography, paintings and artworks.
This small project failed to release their full-length album “Hanging” in their own country, so the physical self-released are releases very limited.
Until in 2012 the label Depressive Illusions Records started to present them in Ukraine with the EP album named “R.O.S”.
The band joined Talheim Records to release their newest opus “The Art Of Destruction” back.

Band : Northorn
Formed in : 2011
Origins : Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Lyrical themes : Pain,self harm,bipolar disorder

Stevan – Vocal, multi-instrumentalist
Diabolica – guitar
Jai – Bass
Heven – drum
Riv – Visual art

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