Dark Groove Metal Duo NEORHYTHM Release “Zeus Rules!” Vocal Video

Dark Groove Metal Duo NEORHYTHM have released a vocal video for “Zeus Rules!,” a track from the band’s recently released Terrastory album.

“Zeus Rules!” (Vocal Video)

Video: Alexander Korsak
Mixing & Mastering: Roman Arsafes
Vocals, Lyrics – Demether Grail (Zmey Gorynich, Arcanorum Astrum)
Music, Instruments – Evgeniy Rassadkin

NEORYTHYM released Terrastory on March 20. Featuring 11 tracks of dark, progressive groove, Terrastory is a concept album with themes covering the 4.5 billion year history of planet Earth.


“NEORHYTHM arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Groove Metal developments. All fans of metal should relish this one. NEORHYTHM most definitely deserve attention.” (9/10)– Metal Temple

“Neorythym deliver a bombastic set of head-bangers that are filled with some serious gravitas while never coming across pretentious.”– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“This is one of those albums that certainly has enough instant appeal to please, but definitely grows and improves over time with multiple spins. Neorhythm have produced an enjoyable and worthy album of heavy music.”– Wonderbox Metal

The band elaborates on the concepts behind Terrastory:

“Terrastory is a conceptual album that reviews and describes the history of planet Earth from the origin of the star to the present day, the history and evolution of Mankind and Civilizations, and even tries to look into the Future. With our new songs, we penetrated the temporal space from the Archean Eon to Art Nouveau, explored various cultures and tried to convey not only lyrically, but also musically the development of our father’s home, from the protobacterial world to perfect technological progress. For History is a treasury of human deeds, a witness to the past, an example and a lesson for the present and a warning for the future.”

Mag – instruments, music
Telkw – voices, words

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