ADRIAAAN – “There will Be No Rest” debut album

ADRIAAAN is a Metalcore/Hardcore/Trash/Moshcore band hailing from Sydney Australia. The band has risen from the ashes of former band The Attica Rebellion with drummer Jonathan Soderborg, basses Gareth Huxham and guitarist Gavin Cunningham. The trio found vocalist Adam Porth and recorded their eight song debut album with Grammy nominated producer Simon Cohen at Studios 301 and Studio Zapata Sydney. During the recording process Porth badly damaged his vocal cords and was given medical advise not to sing/scream anymore or risk permeant damage. He was replaced by ‘Lunch’ Vocalist Josh Romano. ’Sorun Degil’ frontman Ozgur Monkul came in on rhythm Guitar and backing vocals to complete this fearsome lineup.  

It regards to the musical composition, it is evident that the influences of each of the members has intertwined its way into ADRIAAAN’s music through the collective writing process. Influences such as Sepultura, Parkway Drive, Tool, Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Coverage, Hatebreed and Machine Head are evident on the debut recording. The lyrical content of the album discusses several themes from breaking up, a post apocalyptic Earth, wars and fighting caused by organised religion and the mental release from going to a show and being in a mosh pit.

ADRIAAAN has taken a few influences from the hardcore world and is not too serious, full of raw energy and passion but defiantly has the power and aggression of metalcore at its heart. Adriaaan wants people to come to the show, have a good time, drink a few beers,  forget all the bullshit that may be happening in ones world and mosh the night away.

Here is the link to the album:


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