FINAL COIL premiere their new video, ‘You Waste My Time – Live At The Lab’, exclusively with Power Of Prog

Final Coil recently released a stunning promo video to accompany the song ‘Convicted Of The Right‘, the title track of their new EP which will be released in conjunction with label Wormholedeath on May 1st. The rest of the EP comprises three tracks that were recorded live in session at The Lab studio in London and will not be made available anywhere else. The band were captured on film while they were recording their Lab session and today they premiere the first of those exciting live in the studio clips with  Power Of Prog. The song is ‘You Waste My Time‘ which originally appeared on Final Coil’s 2017 debut album, Persistence Of Memory. The track, a live favourite, is imbued with a fierce energy on this new version and also features the drumming talents of Barry French who joined the band for their second album, The World We Left Behind For Others.

Watch ‘You Waste My Time’ now at Power Of Prog

Speaking to Power Of Prog about the new live tracks, Final Coil frontman Phil Stiles said…
“I’ve always loved live sessions. There’s something so thrilling about taking a band and throwing them in at the deep end, especially when their studio work is typically meticulous in preparation and tracking. As a teenager, I spent hours glued to my stereo, taping and absorbing every Peel and Radio One session I could get my hands on. From the icy blasts of Napalm Death to the feral assault of Nirvana’s epic Aneurysm, it always felt like you were listening to something special, something intimate in the way that a normal studio recording could never be, and I always wanted to do something similar for Final Coil. So, with the release of Convicted Of The Right, I wanted to do something special for the fans who have journeyed this far along the road with us. We didn’t have anything left from either of our trips to the studio, and demos just wouldn’t cut it. I wanted to do something that was new, and so the idea of a live session returned. It felt like the right time, not least because Barry, our drummer, hadn’t played on our debut album, and this was an opportunity for him to put his own stamp on a couple of tracks from that record. Of those, the one on which I was particularly keen (and the one being premiered here) was ‘You Waste My Time’. The studio version is just fine, and I am really proud of the juxtaposition of live and sampled drums; but live, it has always taken on a much rawer aspect and Barry hammers the hell out of the kit during his fills… it was the ideal choice.”

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