Prophecy Productions – New albums: KALL, EYE OF NIX, THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT


Kall – “the Velvet Underground of black ‘n’ roll” according to Cvlt Nation – have come a long way. It has been six years since the successors of depressive black metal pioneers Lifelover released their self-titled debut, and while the ghost of their former band floats above three of the members, their second full-length Brand is a paean to self-empowerment and rigorous individualism – a call to overcome suffering by facing it right on, using the idioms of Scandinavian black metal, shoe-gazing post rock, saxophone-fueled psychedelia and the saddest of pop to get the message across.
Kall, like Lifelover, shows its collective middle-finger to any scenes. The more they conform, the more we will set ourselves apart from them …”

Brand is available as Digipak CD and gatefold double LP with etching (black, limited neon orange transparent).

Listen to and share ‘Rise,’ the first single from Brand – out now on Youtube
Bandcamp and all other digital music platforms!


Since their formation in 2012, Seattle’s Eye Of Nix have established themselves as masters of juxtaposition. Across an EP and two full-lengths, flanked by steady touring, they have coalesced beauty and harshness by creating a signature sound that melds doom, black metal and psychedelic rock.
Throughout the sonic journey of LigeiaEye Of Nix ups the ante in all respects. The quintet’s third album is a dark and seductive vortex swirling around an inextinguishable light, dragging listeners up and down through peaks and valleys of cacophonous noise and euphoric melody.
Production: Michael Zech (Secrets Of The Moon, The Ruins of Beverast, Triptykon, Bölzer etc.)
Mastering: James Plotkin (Isis, Aluk Todolo, Nadja)

Ligeia is available as Digipak CD, LP (black, limited purple) and Hardcover artbook featuring golden hotfoil embossment cover, significantly enhanced artwork, alongside a 6-track bonus CD of cover versions and remixes. 


Throughout its 17 years of existence, Hungarian duo The Moon And The Nightspirit not once failed to enthrall lovers of mythical folk music. With traces of paganism and tribalism, the pair has existed in its very own fairytale world throughout six albums and countless intense live shows on international stages – but now, it was time for them to readjust their approach.
Speaking of their new full-length Aether as a “milestone in the history of the band”, guitarist and lyricist Mihály refers to a surprising stylistic recalibration during songwriting. With added focus on harsh vocals, the record also makes good on the promise of Metanoia: If its predecessor rekindled an inner flame, we are now faced with a glaring fire that lights our way on “a journey through the Gateless Gates to the source of creation …”

Aether is available as Digipak CD, gatefold LP (black, ltd. transparent violet) and 2CD box set incl. Digipak CD, 4-track bonus CD (one alternate album track, three live recordings), mini poster and a hand-signed and numbered postcard.

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