REPTILIUM’s ‘Adrenochromacy’ Out Today / EP Streaming

South American Death Cult REPTILIUM have released sophomore EP Adrenochromacy on Slam Worldwide. Stream and purchase below.
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Full of brutal slamming guitars, belligerent deathcore grooves, withering blast beats, and savage intensity, these songs brutalize and terrorize the listener into submission.”
– Indy Metal Vault
The dark, alienated version of Brutal Death Metal is once again crystal clear, extremely powerful and enriched with fearful morbid vocals.” (92/100)
– Lack of Lies
Wonderfully nasty.  Reptilium is showing us that the band knows exactly what they’re about and the world should be watching.”
– Wicked Metal Review
Bringing a wealth of brutal noise with them, Reptilium blend real world horror with clever effects and unstoppable blackened death metal. Unforgettable.”
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life
The Reptile Sect is back with a new set of hierophantic transmissions: Adrenochromacy. This follow-up to 2019’s debut EP Conspiranoic conveys even more information about the truth of worldwide enslavement, abduction, and reveals a new musical aspect of REPTILIUM’s blistering ufonaut horror.
A true DIY project, Adrenochromacy was recorded, engineered and produced by REPTILIUM’s Nirah (guitar & vocals) and Cecrops (drums) at Valley of the Death in Quito, Ecuador. Music for the EP was written and recorded by Nirah, with drums, cover art, lyrics and vocals by Cecrops. Mixing and mastering duties were handled by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recordings, Los Angeles, California.
REPTILIUM, also known as “The Reptile Sect” is a death cult originated in the depth of South America’s cursed mountain ranges, with the goal of establishing a portal for their so called “forbidden truth” to come through.


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