RISING SUNSET Sign With Wormholedeath & Reveal “De Mysterium Tenebris” Album Release Date!

Symphonic blackened death metal act Rising Sunset are proud to announce that they have signed with Wormholedeath for the release of their album “De Mysterium Tenebris” due for release on 08/05/2020 on all digital stores and streaming services worldwide.

Band Statement:

We are proud to release our new full-length album through our new label WormholeDeath. With this 4th studio release we invite the metal community through a dark journey of mysticism and spirituality. Very soon a lyric video of one of our tracks – ‘Serpent of Eden’ will be released .’


1. Storm Over the Citadel

2. Gluttons of the Pre-Diluvian

3. Serpent of Eden

4. The Book of Enoch

5. Rise of the Behemoth’s Agony

6. The Harlot Riding the Beast

7. De Mysterium Tenebris

8. Abode of the Living Dead

9. Fate of the Tribulation


Founded by Carlo Calamatta, RISING SUNSET emerged on the Maltese Metal Scene at the end of 2001. The concept was to deliver a meaningful message about the profoundness of life, spirituality, divinity and mysticism to its fans. On these foundations, the band debuted with their first EP, RHEMA in 2006. 2012 saw the release of the first full length album ‘EQUINOX’, which was regarded by many reviewers as a milestone in symphonic power metal. RISING SUNSET seemed to have found the perfect musical combination between symphony and metal. Soon after the release of ‘EQUINOX’, the band went through a drastic change in the line-up. Along with the new members, RISING SUNSET morphed from power metal to symphonic gothic metal with their 3rd release ‘DECRETUM’. Powerful guitar riffs, darker lyrics, tempo impetuoso, a female soprano voice, and the introduction of male growls, made ‘DECRETUM’ another success for the band. This album was an important stepping stone in the evolution of RISING SUNSET.

The band’s 2020 offering, ‘DE MYSTERIUM TENEBRIS’ represents a matured genre which has since evolved to symphonic blackened death. The album will take you on a journey through brutal, black & death metal riffs, melancholic melodies and orchestration, growls and screams & solid drumming intertwined with elaborate song writing. This is an album akin to the ‘Book of Revelation’ taking you into the dark, apocalyptic and prophetic journey. The more you listen to the album the more you cherish the dark journey, mysticism and the stages of metamorphosis that will happen on Earth as the souls of humanity are aligned with the supreme being or condemned for eternity.

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