DISTANT collaborate in lockdown with five guest vocalists for single

Feat. Signs Of The Swarm, A Wake In Providence, To The Grave, Left To Suffer, Abyss Above

Crushing down-tempo/deathcore masters DISTANT have released new single ‘Argent Debt’, which features five special guest vocalists, via Unique Leader.

Check out ‘Argent Debt’ here: https://youtu.be/RmYmFF0D3OI

Not to be thwarted by the restrictions of Covid-19, DISTANT have created this crushing track in lockdown, with the help of five killer vocalists: David Simmonich of Signs Of The Swarm, Adam Mercer of A Wake In Providence, Dane Evans of To The Grave, Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer and Erik Gladic of Abyss Above.

The band commented: “This our new single ‘Argent Debt’: approaching world’s destruction with five breathtaking featured vocalists: David Simmonich, Adam Mercer, Dane Evans, Taylor Barber and Erik Gladic. With this line-up and with the instrumentals written by the band’s very own Nouri Yetgin together with Keir Campbell (ex-Bound In Fear), this song brings the anger, devastation and sheer heaviness to the surface. ‘Argent Debt’ is compiling everything brutal in the genre!”

DISTANT online:

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