CRYSTAL FAITH states that We Are Hope!

Canadian metal band Crystal Faith veers in a new creative direction with their April release, in support of their fellow humans who are suffering from the societal effects of the global pandemic. Always at the forefront of being philosophical and existential, Crystal Faith presents their new song “We Are Hope”, bringing once more striking realism taken from the daily lives of most people who are trying to make it through to the end of the day in peace and in health. Originating from a little melody guitarist and producer Erik Simard sent to singer and lyricist Pat Lord, with the message that these dire times needed a hymn to bring the people together, “We Are Hope” is the reply that got sent back, with its central message that we live in a world that we have shaped to fit our needs, for better and for worst, and that in the end, any chance we have of coming through any situation facing us resides in us, humanity. As we can see from the different societies on the planet, some are having a harder time coping with this situation than others, a direct reflection on the collective choices these people have made not just from yesterday, the week before or these past months, but from decades beforehand. And at the end of the day, any hope we, as a species, can really have does not depend on anything else but us, this multitude of individuals made to live together and, should we not work in unison to vanquish this threat, die together. Hope is not to be found in the stars, in religion or in technology, it lies in every one of us willing to work and sacrifice a little bit of ourselves for the greater good of everyone.

Everyone in Crystal Faith hopes that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy, that you continue to care for each other, that you enjoy “We Are Hope” and that you continue to keep the Faith.

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Crystal Faith

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