OLS Prsents New Video “Drzewa Dawno Zmarły”

One-woman dark neofolk project, Ols, unveil a new single and music video entitled “Drzewa Dawno Zmarły” (translates to “The Trees Have Long Died” from Polish). This is the third and final single off the new album “Widma” (translates to “Spectres”) which was released on 17 April 2020 via Pagan Records. 

Watch “Drzewa Dawno Zmarły”: https://youtu.be/nzkyuO75xuk

Anna Maria Oskierko explains: 

Unlike the two videos you’ve already seen – placed in mythical timelessness – the third video is more modern, presenting a “civilian” version of me, not only in the forest, but also against the background of buildings, even among the walls covered with graffiti. I decided on such a video to emphasize that I do not try to reconstruct history, I do not copy anything, and if I happen to have any traditional inspirations at all, I filter them through my very contemporary attitude to music and art in general. I am a modern person, with modern views and scientific approach to reality, but I am sure that this doesn’t prevent me from being a soulful poet at the same time. That’s why in a video illustrating my favourite song from the new album I’m showing you my usual self, the way I typically am.”

“Widma” is available for purchase via Pagan Records’ webstore: https://tinyurl.com/ssdvrhe

Ols on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Olsproject

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