The 2nd studio album of RUADH will be released on May 22, 2020.

RUADH (which is pronounced ‘Roo-Ah’ and translates to ‘red’) is an Atmospheric Black Metal solo-project from Glasgow, Scotland.

Drawing from the vast well of history, culture and mythology, musician and songwriter Tom Perrett set out to compose music purely to taste, creating an unmistakable atmosphere with the beating heart of old school Black Metal favourites of his, such as Windir, Bathory, Burzum and others, which should also appeal to fans of Saor, Winterfylleth, Panopticon and similar acts.

RUADH • 2020 • Pic: Kim Copland

Tom Perrett • All Instruments, Vocals
Cieti • Female Vocals
Kimberly Copland • Bass
Philip Morrison • Drums

Tom was born and raised in one of the oldest Burghs in Scotland, which translates to ‘The red glen’. The derivation of the name of the town is unclear but one theory is that the area was once a settlement of Reuther, an ancient king of the Scots, who ruled between 213 and 187 BC.

Cover art • “The Rock Of The Clyde
Artwork: Joan Llopis Doménech Illustrations 
▶ Official release: May 22, 2020 ◀
01. Embers 10:01
02. The Rock Of The Clyde 10:20
03. Winters Light 09:01
04. Fields Of Heather 10:56
05. Only Distant Echoes Reign (Part 1) 04:44
06. Only Distant Echoes Reign (Part 2) 08:54

total: 53:55 min.

The Rock Of The Clyde” is an evolution from RUADH‘s debut album “Sovereign”. It has a much more melodic feel, yet has more visceral elements too. Containing six tracks of epic, Scottish Atmospheric Black Metal with Folk elements, it is massive in both scope and scale, taking you through the Iron Ages in Scotland.

It also explores the history and mythology of the people of Scotland, conveying both sorrow and uplifting, almost heroic tones.

2019 • Sovereign (Full-length)
2020 • The Rock Of The Clyde (Full-length)

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