Poetic black metal masters SHADOWFLAG unveil their fourth album, In Asylum Requiem. Out on Clobber Records June 19th

The vast kingdom of the solitary hunter lies within and without, a landscape of thick, soft darkness and mazes laid upon mazes, an ever-changing labyrinth. The shadows of this world lap like waves against the walls of our minds, slowly eroding our defences with timeless patience. For those with broken walls, trapped in cells, bound in restraints, their blood awash with poisons dressed as medicines, the tides of night soon flood in, like the sea over balustrades of sand. A blessing and a curse, the invasive dark brings freedom from confinement and the thorns of healing while stealing all hope of return to a world once loved. The broken are free to run for the hunter, dying a thousand times on the barbed points of his arrows, but always rising to run the maze once more, leaving their shell to the indignities of care and preservation…

Shadowflag have always stalked the hinterlands of black metal, striding with gritted teeth into the face of the storm. They bring rare imagination and a poetic spirit to their fearsome creations, walking hand in hand with accepted convention only when it happens to run parallel to their path. From the grand ambition of their self-titled debut to the cold terror of 2017s The Delusion Machine, Shadowflag have proven themselves to be a band without limitations, a band that stands alone. After three years of labour they are now ready to present their latest beast, carved from the essence of insanity, In Asylum Requiem. The fourth Shadowflag album is perhaps their most formidable and forbidding; each song resolute in purpose and relentless in delivery. Yet for all the freezing fury, the rush of blackness is punctuated with diamonds of unique cut, moments of that unmistakeable Shadowflag magic. Songs like ‘From Agony To Cold’ perfectly define everything that Shadowflag are. They have a sound and signature that is all their own and this has never been more apparent than when wandering the complex passageways of In Asylum Requiem.

On June 19th Clobber Records will open the floodgates and release the cold, deep waters of In Asylum Requiem to drown the world in dreams of madness. Drink deep from the deluge and open your minds to the numberless possibilities of Shadowflag.

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