Cave Metal CHAKA Shares New Video ‘Flak’ Off “Neanderthal Tales” EP

Primal, thrashy cave metal CHAKA, aside-project from Darkside NYC bassist Mark Sokoll, is sharing with fans the new music video for ‘Flak’ in support of the EP “Neanderthal Tales”, a primal barrage of prehistoric metal power released this past December. 

The video for ‘Flak’, is the band clad in surplus gear with patriotic face paint. 

Sokoll adds:

“An uptempo song about Kamikaze attacks during WW2. I tried to evoke the horror of being attacked by unconventional suicide planes.”

The video for ‘Flak’ can be seen on YouTube HERE

Expecting fans to receive the new offering “Neanderthal Tales” with enthusiasm, Sokoll hopes listeners will enjoy the heaviness of the music and the thought-provoking lyrics. Focused on science topics, such as the theory of evolution and mankind’s place in the universe; Sokoll likes to write about subjects that have not yet been explored. Carrying forward with an abundance of motivation, Sokoll quotes that “fans can expect a lot more productivity”.

A live show from CHAKA includes a heavily dressed stage including a monolith and artificial cairns as the backdrop for a very visceral and primal Heavy Metal experience. 

“Neanderthal Tales” was released in December 2019 and is suitable for fans of Celtic Frost, Venom, and Motorhead.

CD, stream, and download available at the following links: Chaka2.bandcamp.comSpotifyiTunes.

Track Listing:
1. Flak (2:43)
2. The Battle Hath Begun (3:28)
3. Anthroapology (2:32)
4. Defekt (1:19)
EP Length: 10:04

EP Credits:
• All songs performed by: Mark S. Sokoll
• All songs written by: Mark S. Sokoll
• Produced by: CHAKA
• Mixed by: Seth Abelson
• Mastered by: Seth Abelson
• Album Artwork by: Tydal Canon

EP Band Line Up:
Mark S. Sokoll: Bass guitar and vocals
Ty Canon: All guitars
Jim Sullivan: Drums
Rick Beenders: Drums
Rich O’Brien; Drums

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