AGRESSIVO PAU PÔDI – Pre-Release of new Single “A Mais Perfeita Obra de Satanás”

The Brazil-based band will release its second album, and is letting out some songs and the cover art, made by the artist Oberon Blenner, from Brasilia, DF.

“Satan’s Most Perfect Act is a portrait of today’s society, where people seem to care more about status and social networks than people around them. We are so alienated that if Jesus comes back and talks to us, he might as well be lynched in public by their own “followers.” The songs vary a lot between rhythms and lyrics, but in the end the idea is the same “says bassist Gabriel Veloso, who composed some of the lyrics on the album.

After their first album “Derreteu Meu Cerebelo” released in 2017, the new work comes with a more mature sound, with criticisms to society and an appeal for the legalization of marijuana.

“The album has 24 tracks. The compositions were made between 2017 and 2018. The recording period lasted about 1 year, but it was positive, because it allowed for some interesting features.” says Leandro Correia, guitarist and composer of some of the band’s songs.

To hear and learn more about the band, visit:

Third and last single to come out before the release of the 24 tracks Full Album.

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