CELLAR VESSEL debuts their first song OF THE EARTH

Cellar Vessel‘s debut track “Of The Earth” from their upcoming album “Vein Beneath The Soil” (set to release in late 2020) is an epic 11 minute journey through cinematic dreamscapes and crushing death grooves, with moments of flamenco and jazz influences. This track was composed by Jake Schreuder in the isolation of the mountainous wilderness of Montana. Much like the unpredictable and often schizophrenic weather patterns deep in those mountains, the moods and styles of this track shift in an awe inspiring range of emotions. Accented by Navarro’s thundering drums, and Scotto’s piercing vocals, “Of The Earth” is a beautiful melodic descension into madness.

The seed for Cellar Vessel was planted in 2013, when Jake Schreuder sought to bring his compositions out of his dismal college dwelling, and into a legitimate project. With passions fixed on isolation and creativity, Schreuder posted the oxymoronic ad, “Calling All Musical Introverts.” Chris Navarro, an aspiring extreme drummer, was the sole replier. From that day forward, Navarro and Schreuder intertwined musical discipline, friendship, and unrelenting criticism in an effort to push them to their creative limits. Cellar Vessel’s first song, Murk was written in their first week of playing together, and rehearsed obsessively. Navarro, ever the exacting drummer, told Schreuder that his maximum blast/double bass speed at the time was 190 BPM, which in turn caused Schreuder to designate the song’s tempo to 191 bpm. This sort of encouraging musical cruelty laid the foundation for what was to eventually become an album’s worth of material on Vein Beneath The Soil. 

Although the 3 members of Cellar Vessel now span across the country, the project originated in the musically deprived small town of Bozeman, Montana. The band was created, first and foremost, as a project meant for the author’s alone. But as skills and compositions progressed, the compulsion for live feedback became more appealing. Cellar Vessel’s music was rehearsed and practiced as instrumental pieces for over 3 years, until Dario Scotto was recommended by a close friend of the band. Scotto arrived with a small booklet of lyrics, which he spewed with magnificent guttural prowess over the band’s compositions. The intensity of the music paired with Scotto’s horrifying shrieks and desperate growls was the final piece of the puzzle. 4 years later, after a small handful of shows supporting nationally renowned artists, Cellar Vessel once again became reclusive and its members isolated themselves across the country in an effort to continually progress their disciplines. Now, this 8 year journey and its many lessons have realized this projects maturity, and signaled its readiness to be released to the public. Schreuder, Scotto and Navarro proudly present their first single, “From The Earth” from their upcoming full length album: Vein Beneath the Soil.

You may wonder, what about the TITS issues mentioned in the title? So here it is: after the very first days of the debut song release few websites declined to post any reviews because of… well, Tits on the cover art work of the album. So the band decided to add some corrections to make it more acceptable by the public. So here it is:

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