INSIDIOUS ONE – Russian Anime Death Metal

“Gatathrope” — a new single from the Russian extreme metal project Insidious One. Featuring guest musicians from Norway, India and Serbia, the relase consists of two ecletic tracks fused from thrash, death and black metal elements, powerful synth section and anime aestethics.

Insidious One is an extreme metal band from Moscow, Russia. The sole constant member of the band is Alexander Shalaev. Insidious One was formed in 2015 and has recorded two full-length albums and a great amount of smaller relases in a one-man-band format. The early music of Insidious One can be described as a straightforward thrash/death metal hybrid, while the later works show more complex arrangements with synth parts and more eclectic music elements. The only consistent part is the anime/geek aesthetics, pronounced in band’s lyrics and shown on the cover art.

The band has also participated in various tribute albums, like “A Russian-Language Tribute to Rage”, and has a decent amount of covers, including a death metal rendition of “Sonic X” show opening theme, complete with animated music video.

The latest single “Gatathrope” became the first relase that featured a significant contribution from various guest guitar and bass players, discarding the previous “one-man-band” format. Insidious One is now working on a third full-length album which will feature even more music developement.

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