Finnish Metalcore band I AT LAST released a new single from their upcoming debut EP!

Promo picture by Erik Mustonen 

I AT LAST will be releasing their debut EP in collaboration with Inverse Records. The release date is announced on a later date. The band brings their own visions to the metalcore scene, and threatens the boundaries of genre-purity by implementing elements from various styles of music. The first slap to the face, Mother is a variety-rich track topped with grooving guitar parts, and high, raspy scream vocals.

“Mother’s lyrical themes are a straight attack on people’s shrunken comfort zones, forcing to open one’s eyes and see the world in its true colors.” Vocalist Henry Manninen explains.

The result a versatile energy bomb that I AT LAST is ready to share with you.

Listen to the Mother single on:
Apple Music:

I AT LAST –  Mother

Single cover by Timo Elo

Henry Manninen – Vocals
Roope Lappalainen – Guitar
Juha Rantala – Guitar
Roberto Rivera Pöyhönen – Bass
Niko Haavisto – Drums


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