TRES-2B juggernaut single “Shiva” out now!

TRES-2B – “Shiva” [Single]

Hailing from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, TrES-2b delivers a miх оf atmospheric and post black metal. And this is kind of uncommon phenomena in that part of Russia. The main concept of their music is a confrontation between wise and creative darkness, represented by space and nature, and chaotic destructive darkness of corrupted human morality and perversity of it. That’s why the band takes its name from the darkest known exoplanet.

The presented single – “Shiva” is a complex endeavour lasting 15 minutes. It includes three mantras: the Shiva mantra, his dark shape Rudra, and the death-conquering Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. The track itself has several parts in certain styles: atmospheric black and ritual sludge. The concept of the track is destruction and creation, which allows you to burn all unnecessary things that prevent you from perceiving the truth and be reborn.

The album artwork was designed by Dmitry Zhernova (Instagram:

You can download the single for FREE (or name your price) at our Bandcamp site:

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