Greek Death Metal band ABYSSUS announce “Relics of the Past” EP, to be released via Death in Pieces Records

Relics of the Past” EP is the twin brother of “Unleash the Storm” EP, a sequel and of course a prototype for our new album. Two new old school metal tracks and three cover songs included of some favorite bands. Hellhammer’s ‘’Aggressor” is a hymn that reminds us the glorious past, Possessed’s “Death Metal” is a tribute to fathers of our music and Terrorizer’s ‘’Condemned System” is a blasting storm from a memorable album. Enjoy maniacs! – Kostas Analytis (Vocals)


Panos Gkourmpaliotis – Guitars
Jan Westermann – Drums
Christos Liakos – Guitars
Kostas Ragiadakos – Bass
Kostas Analytis – Vocals

Originating from Athens, Greece, ABYSSUS was born to serve the old-school death metal tradition and revive the organic sound of morbidity and darkness. Formed in 2011 as one-man project by Kostas Analytis, their first release was the “Monarch to the Kingdom of the Dead” EP. In the coming years, Panos Gkourmpaliotis joined the band and they –with several line-up changes– unleashed a series of splits and the “Summon the Dead” EP in 2013. As the band kept forging its deadly sound throughout the years, and after being joined by Kostas Ragiadakos on the bass guitars, the band recorded and released its debut album “Into the Abyss”, a release which received praising feedback from fans and press worldwide. In May, 2016, ABYSSUS’ ranks were reinforced by Christos Liakos on the guitars and a few months later, in December, by Jan Westermann on the drums, thus establishing a solid line-up, ready to deliver hell, both in the studio and onstage.

As the band focused on releasing more splits, and after having played several –among which, some crucial– live shows across their homeland (supporting Possessed, Suicidal Angels and more), a solid and supportive fan-base was established both in Greece and abroad.

In the summer of 2017, ABYSSUS entered the studio to record the EP titled: “Unleash the Storm”, and it was released by Death in Pieces Records. 
“Relics of the Past” EP is the twin brother of “Unleash the Storm” EP, a sequel and of course a prototype for their next full-length strike which will be called “Death Revival”, that will be released in September of 2020

The Legacy of raw and violent death metal is combined with sharp thrashing riffing to create the music that the darkest abyss demands, the music of ABYSSUS, the primitive and horrifying Greek metal killing machine!


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