KROSIS release bass play-through with Gear Gods!

North Carolina progressive deathcore group KROSIS have premiere a bass play-through for their song “An Elegy for a Man Alive” with Gear Gods today. 

Brian Krahe commented, “An Elegy for a Man Alive is hands down the most technically demanding song on bass from A Memoir of Free Will and for some reason I set out to record it on top of a mountain with live audio. Its one thing to record in a comfortable studio, its quite another thing to pack your hiking backpack with audio equipment and record on the edge of a cliff. And for this playthrough what you see is what you hear. No audio editing to cover up mistakes. Its very common to pre-record audio for playthrough videos and mime the playing afterwards but I did not want to go that route this time. Luckily for me it is MUCH easier to pull this off these days with compact audio interfaces, laptops being so lightweight and utilizing virtual amps.”

GEAR GODS premiere link HERE
YouTube Link HERE

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