PESSIMIST – new album „Holdout” will be released on June 26th!

Seven years have passed since the last album of the Thrash Metal maniacs of Pessimist called “Death From Above“. This release-free time will end on June 26th! Then the third longplayer “Holdout” of the south german band will be released! You can expect 9 tracks with a playing time of 55 minutes of finest uncompromising Thrash Metal with a lot of Old School touch, which is, due to the merciless razor-sharp production, not only contemporary but also timeless. Already at the end of 2019 the guys locked themselves in the Iguana Studio to have the album from Christian Brandes cast in steel.

A first acoustic foretaste was given a few weeks ago with the release of the “Landsknecht” digital single. The front cover of the new album is enclosed!

// Landsknecht DIGITAL //
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PESSIMIST – are back with “Landsknecht“ single, new album this summer!


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