VENATOR and ANGEL BLADE premiere new songs at “Deaf Forever” magazine’s website, set release date for new DYING VICTIMS split album


On July 31st internationally, Dying Victims Productions will release a special split album between Austria’s Venator and Germany’s Angel Blade on vinyl LP format. And today, Deaf Forever magazine’s website premieres a special medley of Venator‘s “Paradiser” and Angel Blade‘s “Angel Blade.” Hear Venator‘s “Paradiser” and Angel Blade‘s “Angel Blade” in their entirety exclusively HERE.

[Angel Blade]

Combining debut demos/EPs by both bands, this split album brings together two exciting new talents in traditional metal on the format so fitting for such: VINYL! On one side is Venator‘s Paradiser EP. Featuring killer, era-authentic artwork reminiscent of Mausoleum Records’ mid-‘80s heyday, Venator‘s entry here is three moody ‘n’ melodic tracks which have a subtly anthemic quality; just as equally, one can feel the chill of night blow across Paradiser. The uniquely retro-futuristic production simply accentuates the atmospheric push and pull – and already, Venator are hard at work on their debut album for Dying Victims. (The label will also release Paradiser as a standalone CD and cassette.) On the other side is Angel Blade’s self-titled debut demo, which was originally released on cassette but has created high demand for other formats since. And it’s not difficult to discover why, as Angel Blade literally sounds like a lost demo from 1981: so authentic is Angel Blade’s study of ancient NWOBHM and Scandinavian metal, you’ll be checking the calendar as each of these three shimmering, steel-clad tracks takes a hold. Together, you’ll be in thrall to Venator and Angel Blade’s classic metal mesmerism!

In the meantime, hear a special medley of Venator‘s “Paradiser” and Angel Blade‘s “Angel Blade” in their entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of Deaf Forever, Germany’s defenders of the true. Respective covers and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Venator (Austria) and Angel Blade (Germany) split album
1. Paradiser
2. Blind Ambition
3. Creatures of the Sea

*Angel Blade*
1. Rock Nights
2. Blast from the Past
3. Angel Blade


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