LARRY’S EMOTION – “Blackness” is officially out

Larry’s Emotion is a metalcore band born in 2017 from an idea by Jimmy Burrow (Ex Helia) and Simone Quadrio (ex Once Upon A Time). The project comes out in 2018 with the first single with pop punk and metal core influences. The band then releases their first album entitled “He’s still alive”. At the end of 2018, the band had performed various concerts and mini tours, touching not only Italy, but also Ukraine and Russia, opening concerts to bands such as Novelist, Landmarks, Abandoned by Bears. All this also with the support of several Italian booking and promotion agencies (Hero Booking, Versus Agency, What’s Up Booking).

February and April 2019 are the highlights of the new year, in which two important singles are published: (in order) “Waiting” and “Get Away”. With the aforementioned singles, the band completely changes, moving its musical genre from Pop Punk to Hardcore, inserting much more aggressive sounds tending to metal and djent. At this point the Tuscan group starts touring Italy for various concerts and in March 2020 the new single “Hollow and Empty” is released.

Some words about “Blackness”:

Larry’s Emotion present their new album entitled “Blackness“, an album that presents a significant change of course for the band. In fact, compared to the first Ep which was characterized by a purely punk rock sound we move on to “Blackness“, where these punk sounds are put in the background to give space to a more aggressive, more metalcore sound. The presence of clean voices and overpowering and very present synths makes the songs flowing and pleasant both for the most delicate and heavier palates.

The album can be found on Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, Spotify, Itunes.

Link for streaming on Spotify

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