EXHUMED shares new song “Rot Your Brain” from upcoming split w/ GRUESOME

Gore Metal maniacs EXHUMED and Death Metal Defenders of the Old GRUESOME return for more kills and thrills with their new split, Twisted Horror, out June 5th. Listen to EXHUMED’s new song “Rot Your Brain” HERE.

EXHUMED frontman Matt Harvey commented: “We’re very psyched to unleash this new tune upon you, truly an anthem for our times. It’s a loud, nasty and decidedly unhealthy ode to all things decay-inducing. In these unusual times, we’re all experiencing, a lethal dose of Gore Fucking Metal is exactly what the doctor ordered – or at least what Dr. Philthy ordered, so that’s what you’re getting! Tune in, turn on, rot out!”

Twisted Horror is due out June 5th on 10”/CD/Digital. Physical packages are available for pre-order via Relapse.com HERE. Digital Downloads / Streaming Services are available HERE.  

Featuring 5 brand new tracks from the blood-soaked masters of gore, Twisted Horror goes for the jugular and never lets go. From EXHUMED’s repulsive, high-speed brutality, to GRUESOME’s Schuldiner-Spawned, bloody-gore-screaming old-school death metal, every second of Twisted Horror is chock full of relentless riffs, pulse-pounding drums, and screams from the deepest recesses of hell! With the Twisted Horror split, EXHUMED and GRUESOME prove that only death is real!

EXHUMED “Rot Your Brain”

Twisted Horror tracklist:
1. Exhumed – Rot Your Brain
2. Exhumed – Buried to Die
3. Exhumed – Dead, Deader, Deadest
4. Gruesome – A Mind Decayed
5. Gruesome – Led into the Dark

Matt Harvey – Guitar, Vocals
Ross Sewage – Bass, Vocals
Mike Hamilton – Drums
Sebastian Phillips – Guitar

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