Metal Injection premieres new NOCTU track ft. MOURNFUL CONGREGATION member

Italian atmospheric doom metal band Noctu has crafted a haunting, deeply emotional and bleak album that will stay with you long after it’s over. This is for fans of funeral doom with a pinch of classical music and also some black metal influences. Metal Injection premiered a brand new 18-min epic song AT THIS LINK.

“(If) you’re just looking for something slow and soul-crushingly dark, then you’re really going to dig the song “Lucida Oscurita Senziente.” Oh, and the song comes with the added bonus of featuring Justin Hartwig (Mournful Congregation) on lead guitar!”


– “One of the best albums of 2020” – Distorted Sound Magazine (UK)

– “Prepare to lose yourself” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “a masterpiece” – Two Guys Metal Reviews (US)

– “If Bach was alive today, younger, and severely depressed after his unmarried bride died in childbearing, this is exactly what he’d compose” – Deaf Sparrow (US) 4.2/5

– “the only funeral doom worth mentioning that we’d get this year is whatever the hell it is that Bell Witch is currently whipping up, but, clearly, I was mistaken” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)

– “one of the most intriguing albums of its genre” – Dioses del Metal (Mexico)

– “some of the best Atmospheric Doom riffs you will hear” – PlanetMosh (UK) 4/5

– “This album is a beast” – Metal Addicts (US)

– “extraordinarily monolithic” – Disfactory (Italy)

– “the ideal soundtrack for the day of your death” – Broken Tomb (Spain)

– “chilling” – Metal (Italy)

– “heavily atmospheric” – Wonderbox Metal (UK)

– “a purely atmospheric doom metal work” – Metal Wave (Italy)

Noctu (Italy) – Gelidae Mortis Imago (May 15th, 2020)

Genre – Atmospheric Doom Metal
Release Date – May 15th, 2020
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records

For fans of – Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, Chalice of Suffering, Illimitable Dolor, Evoken, Oak, Esogenesi, Shining

Noctu play haunting, atmospheric blackened doom metal that infects the soul, eviscerates it and leaves it hollow, bereft of the abundance of feelings that once invaded it. This is an unexpectedly sharp, incisive, singular and ultimately extremely effective form of expression, imbued with a deep, harrowing tone that has the power to incapacitate one’s thoughts and rendering the person helpless to its introspective melancholy. Never before has the music of this kind shown such clarity and purpose without degenerating into incontinent lapses of urgency. This is stoic, consistent and stately doom with magical convincing power; the impact is profound and lasting. This perhaps epitomizes the funeral doom sound but has added atmosphere and bleakness to keep it relegated to just that. A measured, patient listen is sure to move the listener and those with physical copies of this release will even catch a whiff of the fragrance of flowers showered upon tombs from it. 

Band lineup –
Noctu – Everything

Guest lead guitars by Justin Hartwig (Mournful Congregation) on Lucida Oscurita Senziente

Artwork by Diego Spezzoni

Track listing –
1. Suicidio Al Chiaro Di Luna
2. Fitte Tenebre (Le Radici Dell’ Inferno)
3. Oltre I Cancelli Del Cimitero
4. Lucida Oscurita Senziente (ft. Justin Hartwig of Mournful Congregation)
5. Sangue Sulla Mia Lapide
6. Isolato Da Un Mondo Senza Speranza

Official Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Site

Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel

Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook

Noctu Facebook

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