TALES OF THE TOMB Shares Guitar Playthrough ‘Dyatlov Pass Incident’ via GearGods

Tales Of The Tomb (L-R): Trez Thomas (Guitar and Vocals), Corey Skerlak (Guitar and Vocals)
 Photo Credit – Kylee Thompson Photography

Edmonton death metal duo Tales of The Tomb are sharing with fans their latest guitar playthrough for ‘Dyatlov Pass Incident’. The track comes off of the band’s EP “Volume Two: Mendicium” unleashed this past September. The EP itself is a collection of narratives surrounding government cover-ups, national lies, and the heinous crimes committed amongst the shadows. It’s also a vicious bite of grinding blast beats, technical shredding accompanied by venomous guttural lows.

‘Dyatlov Pass Incident’, the fourth track of six on the EP, tells the tale of 9 hikers who disappeared in what is now called the Dyatlov Pass in Russia. This incident had inspired many different conspiracies trying to explain what happened to the 9 hikers that went missing and were later found dead in the mountain range. Because there was a random unidentified scrap of clothing that looked to come from a military uniform found at the sight of the event. When writing the track, the band took the angle that the hikers unknowingly stumbled across a military weapons test and met their demise. The song was written as a push-pull between the chaos of stumbling into this extension event vs. a seemingly normal journey. 

Today, guitarists Trez Thomas has put together a new playthrough for the song, which is one of many more videos being released by the band in the coming weeks.

“We had a lot of fun filming the playthrough for Dyatlov Pass Incident. We decided to film the playthrough in one of the music stores Corey and I worked at for years called Axe Music here in Edmonton. Once all the gear was piled out into the new location and the store was just an empty husk we decided it would be cool to film a playthrough as one of the last things ever done in that store. Dyatlov Pass Incident is an older song for us so it’s awesome to be able to release that song and all this content for it finally. More so now that a lot of governments are opening up about UFOs, alien conspiracies and things that were all said to just be conspiracy theories!” adds Thomas.

Behold the shredding via the video’s premiere on GearGods HERE.

“Volume Two: Mendicium” was mixed and mastered by Cryptopsy guitarist and head engineer/owner at The Grid Studios Christian Donaldson along with featuring artwork by Tony Midi of Tonymidi Artworks. The EP is available on BandcampSpotifyApple Music.

Track Listing:
1. The Nightmare Hall (4:05)
2. Faul (3:02)
3. The Sinful Messiah (4:14)
4. Dyatlov Pass Incident (3:52)
5. Nine Eleven (4:46)
6. Mermaid In A Manhole (3:33)
EP Length: 23:44

More info:

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