ULVEHYRDE – Sign To Dusktone

Dusktone is extremely proud to announce the signing of norsk black metal conglomerate Ulvehyrde.

Hailing from H√łnefoss and featuring past and present members from Beastcraft, Vulture Lord, Sarkom, Angst Skvadron etc. they are planning to release the debut full-length album later this year on both vinyl and CD format.

It is known that Norway is considered, without any doubt, the cradle of the worldwide black metal movement and Ulvehyrde fully represents the incredibly misty and dark spirit that comes out of those lands.

Their music is a pure fundamental mid-tempo black metal based upon old, dark, Norwegian history.

The band is now in the middle of recording process and any further infos, details and updates will be provided from time to time….

In the meanwhile, stay connected to Dusktone pages and band itself.


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