SHADOW IN THE DARKNESS Conceptualize With ‘Erstwhile Befell’

Greek progressive death metal group Shadow In The Darkness are set to release their album Erstwhile Befell worldwide via Sliptrick Records on May 19th. Two well received singles (The Aboriginal Storyteller and Interdisciplinary Sectarianism) have already set the technical tone and style of Erstwhile Befell, which over it’s 8 tremendous tracks, never wavers in it’s confidence or dips in it’s quality and imagination.

Track by track by Shadow In The Darkness:
Benign – Procedamus: A straight-up quick strike that comes with a prelude preface summarizing the whole project’s state.

Interdisciplinary Sectarianism – A virtuoso composition that set to be the ultimate tribute to the showcase deities. It involves multi-layered rhythm build-ups along with dissonant guitar & synth melodies that stand out garnished all over with a cut-through vocal performance. The underlying western philosophy premises of the lyrical context make a song that verbatim et literatim speaks for itself!

The Aboriginal Storyteller – Beware the ides of March: a song that puts up with a short lyrical story-line of fatally predetermined self-wreckage. Musically, a much-pretending-to-sound-mid-tempo piece unfolds with ease only to ascertain cutting edge melodies, stomping rhythmical parts and a thorough display of all-around vocal performance.

Aspalathus (Prelude) & Twenty-One – Through an acoustic rest following the overwhelming first song triad, one can only expect a relapse to the heavy vibes: thus it occurs! Twenty-One comprises the most melodic fugue of the album coping with unexpected tempo shifts and guitar melodies which immediately give way to straighter and single-themed tunes in a “back & forth” sensation.

The Deontology Of An Android – One that seeks the more exocosmic-themed “literature” of the genre has met one’s conditions for the prerequisites of an album of the sort. “The Deontology Of An Android” is an independent narrative of a futuristic projection to the enhanced human conscience problems. The music being involved implies dark and gloomy, albeit evocative vibes of relentless space trekking.

A Grand Parable – Over a biblical passage to the closing section of the album the final story is set: the problem of oppressive self-serving powers that be in contrast to the qualified authority of reasoned principles.

From Conversion To Fixation – The closing statement of the album starts with an imposing piano theme that gets down to aggressive parts of drum dexterity with toppings of melodic majesty. Intensive vocal parts add up to a strong chorus-like section amidst the memorable surrounding guitar melody.

Erstwhile Befell | Released May 19th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Benign | 02. Interdisciplinary Sectarianism | 03. The Aboriginal Storyteller | 04. Aspalathus (Prelude) | 05. 21 | 06. The Deontology Of An Android | 07. A Grand Parable | 08. From Conversion To Fixation

Shadow In The Darkness are:
Kostas Xynos – Vocals | Tasos Derisiotis – Guitars | Panayotis Derisiotis – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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