CHTHONIC’s “Taiwan Victory Live” now online

Following the released of the new version of Supreme Pain for the Tyrant rearranged in collaboration with Trivium’s Matt Heafy, CHTHONIC has digitally released the video of the TAIWAN VICTORY concert — a concert held in front of Taiwan’s Presidential Palace with over 50,000 people in audience.
Now you can enjoy the entire concert on YouTube.

Just click here:

Following Freddy Lim’s election into Taiwan’s Parliament in 2016, Chthonic has been keeping a low-profile, and suspending tours.
But they still turned their inspirations accumulated over the years into the album Battlefields of Asura in 2018.
The album was nominated for 6 Golden Melody Awards, and won the Award for Best Band.
Although Chthonic has not put up a lot of performances in recent years, Chthonic still decided to have a unique concert in front of Taiwan’s Presidential Palace at the end of last year, when Freddy was campaigning for his re-election.

Joined Chthonic was a symphony led by renowned Taiwanese conductor Johnny Ku and a choir.
Fans have made their ways to the concert from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.
Themes of the setlist included values like human rights, justice, and freedom.
These values echoed Freddy’s accomplishments in the Parliament — he had actively pushed for bills on transitional justice, marriage equality, and gender equality, turning Taiwan into the first country in Asia to have marriage equality.
In order to allow fans from abroad to enjoy the big show, Chthonic has decided to release the video of the concert on YouTube, and could be listened to across digital music platforms.
Although Chthonic will keep a low-profile existence after Freddy won his re-election earlier this year, it will continue to have new works.

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