IAN PARRY – listen to track “Travellers (Across The Unknown Universe)”

“In Flagrante Delicto”, 5th solo album by Ian Parry (Elegy), was released in late February. The album includes 10 hypnotic catchy modern power rock synthesizer/guitar/vocal based songs in a diverse style ranging from Yes style synthesizer atmospheres, to Whitesnake/ Foreigner classic rock and a hint of Rammstein together with a commercial heart felt Bad English/Peter Gabriel style ballad.

The official audio „Travellers (Across The Unknown Universe)” is available here: https://youtu.be/xyh8wvHgcds

Ian Parry comments: „This is a fictional story of a race of people whose origins were uncannily similar to mankind. They travelled across the universe searching for a better home and settled on planet earth. Through the centuries their origins and ways to preserve nature now are all forgotten. Only a circular stone tablet remains to this day, containing written predictions of a future on the brink of destruction caused not by war, but by harmful man-made plastics releasing deadly toxics. The final prediction was “our destiny is that only mankind processes the power to save humanity”. 

After spending more than a decade (co-) writing and compiling songs to best illustrate this serious issue, Ian sings out a passionate message from the heart, but still retains the creative edge for a little fantasy for his fans. Ian’s wish is simply to make more people aware of what’s happening in his own way via music, with the talent and support of incredible musicians: guitarists – Stephan Lill (Vanden plas) & co-writer; Patrick Rondat; drummers – Casey Grillo (Kamelot), Imre Daun (Brian Robertson band), Andreas Lill & Gary King; bass guitarists – Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian, Tank), Torsten Reichert; keyboard player & co-songwriter – Jeroen van der Wiel, plus many more.

“In Flagrante Delicto” opens a new chapter in Ian’s phenomenal career combining passion, true facts & raw power in a modern synthesizer / guitar based melodic rock album.

“In Flagrante Delicto” – tracklist:

  1. Spaceman
  2. Travellers (Across The Unknown Universe)
  3. In Flagrante Delicto
  4. Fool’s Paradise
  5. Impulse
  6. Ingenious
  7. Wish
  8. Fly
  9. The Day We Stop Dreaming
  10. So Far So Good

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