CONVOCATION – Finnish Funeral Doom Titans Unveil Colossal Sophomore LP “Ashes Coalesce” – Track Premiered At Toiled Ov Hell

We’re honored the announce that Iconic Finnish duo Convocation has joined the Sentient Ruin family to release their staggering sophomore LP “Ashes Coalesce” on vinyl in North America (with Everlasting Spew Records handling the release in Europe), a colossal dirge of soul-crushing funeral/death doom standing high as one of the most accomplished expressions in the genre this year.

Following in the footsteps of works by bands like EvokenAsunderThergothonSkepticism, and Tyranny,“Ashes Coalesce” is a monumental sonic devourment where slow-moving atmospheric death metal and void-sculpting extreme doom collide to signal the onset of oblivion and resound one of the most lightless and soul-consuming expressions of sonic abandon the genre has seen in the latter part of this decade. Like a massive maelstrom slowly circling a lightless void, the colossal album assumes form through a slow-moving morass of telluric drums, crushing guitars and bass, and guttural spectral vocals emanating from beyond a veil, that suck all light out of their surroundings and slowly encircle the listener immersing them into a suffocating abyss of levitating agony and inescapable hopelessness. Within the churning mass of oppressive distortion and hallucinogenic soundscapes lies a connective tissue of strings, synths, organs, and orchestrations that thread the listener’s demise as the suffocating atmospheres condense and crawl to a climax, assuming a sense of inescapability and multidimensionality that ultimately surround and crush the listener into forty minutes of awe-inducing sonic immensity that deceive thee senses and defy logic.

Iconic metal blog Toilet Ov Hell has premiered the track “The Absence of Grief” from the release, stating that “‘Ashes Coalesce’ is comprised of four enormous tracks, each offering a unique atmosphere imbued with all manner of melancholic melody, malevolent murk, and monstrous moods. The exact kind of feeling you want from your funeral doom“ – you can checkout their feature and listen to the track HERE

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