Dynamic Canadian Extremists TORREFY Release Lyric Video for “GFYD”

Dynamic Canadian extremists Torrefy have released a lyric video for “GFYD,” a track from the band’s forthcoming album Life is Bad. Get in on the action at

Black Speed Death Thrash! That’s what Canada’s Torrefy offer on forthcoming album Life is Bad, set to be self-released on July 1.

The official video for the album’s first single, the aptly titled album-closer “Plague of Empires,” is available at

Purchase/stream “Plague of Empires”

Torrefy issued the following statement concerning Life is Bad and the progression of the band’s sound since the release of 2016 progressive thrash album The Infinity Complex:

Life is Bad is not a departure for Torrefy. Rather, it is a continuation of the journey to becoming the band that Torrefy was meant to be. Torrefy’s previous work lay more in the realm of Thrash metal, albeit not traditional Thrash due to our leanings towards a more progressive sound and a blending of influences ranging from Thrash metal to Death metal, Black metal, Classic rock, and Punk to name a few. Our new record is another step towards creating a sound that we refer to as ‘Black Speed Death Thrash’. We feel that this album will showcase the band’s improvement in songwriting, vocal delivery, instrumentation, and production.  

Life is Bad is not a concept album like our previous album The Infinity Complex. Instead, as the album title indicates, it is thematically geared towards the fact that life is pretty brutal. The songs are emotionally charged and full of diverse themes including an awareness of one’s inescapable mortality, humanity’s unending greed and the desire for conquest and their refusal to learn from their past, to being overrun by a swarm of other worldly, bloodthirsty insects, and being caught in a machine that is perpetually killing you and keeping you alive at the same time.

We think that this album is the best and most true representation of the Torrefy sound. We hope that you dig it!”

Life is Bad was produced by Torrefy and Gustavo Valderama. The album was recorded by Gustavo Valderama and Electric Flow Studios in Victoria BC Canada. The album was mixed by Felipe Gonzales and Gustavo Valderama at Umbral Studios in Caldas Colombia and Electric Flow Studios in Vancouver BC Canada. Life is Bad was mastered by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust

The virtual booklet for Life is Bad is available at this location.

“A thrash-tinged speed metal fest, with Ferguson’s electric ridden screams howling all throughout. The tracks are expansive, with varying time signatures, explosive riffs and soaring melodic passages.” (8.5/10)– Wicked Metal Review

Track List

  1. Sarcophony
  2. Eye of the Swarm
  3. Outrun By Wolves
  4. GFYD
  5. Arborequiem
  6. The Thin Line
  7. Cells
  8. Torrn Apart By Machinery
  9. Plague of Empires


Adam Henry (Lead Guitar)
Ben Gerencser (Rhythm Guitar)
Simon Smith (Bass)
Daniel Laughy (Drums)
John Ferguson (Vocals)

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