French post-hardcore quintet FALL OF MESSIAH stream new single ‘Contreforts’

French post-hardcore quintet FALL OF MESSIAH have streamed ‘Contreforts’, the first single from their much-awaited fourth LP, Senicarne, released 31st July via Holy Roar Records.

Watch the video for ‘Contreforts’ here:

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Senicarne track-listing:

1: La République du Vide
2: Contreforts
3: Riveloup
4: Vertes Vignes
5: Young Pines
6: Atlantique
7: Sand Mountain
8: Sequioa
9: The Loneliest Whale in the World 

Senicarne is a story of human ties evolving over time, an image of roots and attachments and symbolic representations of nature. Senicarne written backward (enracinés) translates as “rooted” in French; and “seni” “carne” translates as “old flesh” in Latin.

Such a thoughtful, symbolic approach is typical of FALL OF MESSIAH, a group who pair delicate, pathos-evoking melodies with cascading drums and rhythmic hypnotism, reminiscent of early Pianos Become The Teeth, Heaven In Her Arms and Envy

Track one (‘La Republique du Vide’ – The Republic of Void) is the band’s entry point of observation: in their philosophy, nothing makes sense any more, as everything is futile and arguable by anyone. A sense of detachment and desire for novelty are in constant tension, a striking theme felt throughout the record.

FALL OF MESSIAH‘s vast melting pot of influences lean into emotive atmospherics whilst never once losing their sharper edges. Large sections of the nine songs on offer bubble and writhe instrumentally – showcasing a deft art of controlled chaos (‘Atlantique’ and ‘The Loneliest Whale in the World’), which only amplify and contrast with the frantically drastic urgency of cuts such as ‘Sequoia’. 

FALL OF MESSIAH‘s vision, distilling the spiritual essence of early emotional post-hardcore into expansive and emotionally ravaging mini-epics, has led to the band performing at ArcTanGent FestivalDunk FestivalIeperfest, and alongside MaybeshewillPelicanLa DisputeRolo Tomassi, and more.

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