TEXAS MURDER CREW, featuring ex-Devourment guitarist Kevin Clark, to release ultra brutal debut, Everyone’s Last Breath through Comatose Music

The brutality of the Texas death metal scene is notorious throughout the worldwide metal underground and there’s now a new contender for the title of sickest, heaviest band from the lone star state. Texas Murder Crew are about to detonate their debut album, Everyone’s Last Breath and it’s going to shake the foundations of brutal death metal.

While they may be a new name on the scene, Texas Murder Crew are built around the violent, repugnant riffs of Kevin Clark – a man known for his work with Devourment and Kill Everything. Clark’s bruising guitar work was integral to Devourment’s Molesting The Decapitated – an album lauded as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, album of brutal, slamming death metal ever recorded. Once brutal death metal fans hear the sheer savagery of Everyone’s Last Breath though, the only name on their minds will be that of Texas Murder Crew. These songs are cruel, relentless and overwhelming in their suffocating intensity. You can almost smell the blood, rot and fear emanating from the speakers as ‘Destroy The Witness’ batters you into submission. Texas Murder Crew take the sheer heaviness to the absolute limit, defining the Texas death metal sound and then carve their own inimitable signature into the flesh of their victims. This is a band that are viciously proud of their own identity and are never going to be happy living in anyone’s shadow. Their kills are theirs and theirs alone. 

With the implacable power of Comatose Music behind them, nothing is going to stop Texas Murder Crew beating their bloody mark into the consciousness of death metal’s most ardent disciples. Everyone’s Last Breath will be unleashed on August 7th so brace yourself for one formidable impact. Texas Murder Crew are coming, with their eyes fixed firmly on the prize and the corpses of the weak beneath their feet.

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