DEATHTURA Unleash “Confess For Them” Lyric Video!

Belgian groove/thrash metal combo Deathtura are glad to release the lyric video for the track “Confess For Them”, taken from their album “Division” out via Wormholedeath.

The band stated:

“The idea of making this lyrics video came out during the lockdown of the coronavirus. We were thinking about a new video project, but with this lockdown it wasn’t possible to organize a shoot. But we wanted to release a new content anyway! Our choice focused on the lyrics video which is the simplest thing to do remotely. We knew that we wanted a very jerky, almost epileptic video, so we chose the song “Confess for them”. We wanted to release a video that matches the lyrics, which talk about someone who is in conflict with himself. The lyrics are quite repetitive so it was a real challenge to succeed in releasing a dynamic video! But we are very proud of the result and thank all those who made it!”

“Division” is available on all major digital stores and streaming services worldwide:

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