PSYCHONAUT 4 – Beautyfall – New album nearly finished and song premiere on June 03rd, 2020

Psychonaut 4 – Beauyfall / სულდაცემა (2020)
The fourth full length album of the Georgian band, based in Tbilisi. Considering that this album is almost entirely in Georgian language, it gives absolutely unique vibe and sound to the genre of black metal. However, it’s difficult to describe this album, like entire music of P4, as classic black metal. Because the band never limited themselves with the frames of any genres.

Every subject, that is brought up on this album, depression, anger, sadness and desperation is the musical reflection of their present. Listener will find everything on this album from acoustic melodies and whispering lyrics to demolishing blast beats and despairing screams. 
Another album from Psychonaut 4 to be listened alone…

Beautyfall cover designed by Maxime Taccardi.

Emblem for Tbilisian Tragedy designed by L’heretique.

Tbilisian Tragedy (Official Lyric Video)

Single Release
The single “Tbilisian Tragedy” is going to be released on all digital platforms on June 3rd, 2020.
Official lyric video is going to be released on June 3rd, 2020, 18:45/6:45pm CEST.


01. მარტო მებრძოლი ველზე / One man’s war
02. თბილისური ტრაგედია / Tbilisian tragedy
03. …და შენ როგორ ხარ? / …and how are you?
04. Sana sana sana,cura cura cura
05. 🎵 (#შენახვადამოხმარება / #tokeepandtouse )
06. ის სევდა, ისევ და / And sorrow, again
07. მტ(ვ)ერი / Dust, the Enemy


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